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Oklahoma State University

OSU National Lab Day

Morrison High School students in ECE Wireless Communications Research Lab (WCRL)

As part of OSU National Lab Day (NLD) 2017, Morrison High School students under the guidance of their teacher Tammy Will have visited ECE Wireless Communications Research Lab (WCRL) on May 16, 2017. NLD is a collaborative outreach effort between five colleges and is geared toward exposing Oklahoma high school students and their science teachers to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) education. 

During their visit, lab director Dr. Sabit Ekin and his graduate students (Adithya Popuri, Surbhi Vishwakarma, Hisham Abuella, Habeeb Idrees and Esad Oztemel) demonstrated their research projects on Internet of Things based Livestock Monitoring and Visible Light Communications and Health Monitoring. High school students volunteered to test the health monitoring project demo. 

The event was organized by College of Education. WCRL team thanks Rachel Marie Potts from College of Education for her endless effort in this organization.