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Oklahoma State University

Mimi Xie Wins the 2016 Women’s Faculty Council Research Award

Mimi Xie

ECE PhD student, Mimi Xie wins the 2016 Women’s Faculty Council Research Award. This is an award for research and scholarship by OSU women since 2006. Current OSU graduate and undergraduate students in all fields are eligible to apply.

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Mimi Xie earned this this award for her research on Energy Harvesting Powered Nonvolatile Embedded Systems for next generation IoT.

Abstract: Energy harvesting is one of the most promising techniques to power devices for future generation IOT. While energy harvesting does not have longevity, safety, and recharging concerns like traditional batteries, its instability brings a new challenge to the embedded systems: the whole computer system will be interrupted and powered down frequently. The overall objective of this research is to efficiently and correctly preserve the system computation state across intermittent power cycles with nonvolatile memory. By now, two works have been done to achieve this objective. The first work is eliminating inconsistency errors caused by code re-execution after power resumes to make the embedded system work reliably. The second work is designing energy efficient Instruction Scheduling algorithms for energy harvesting systems. The final goal of this research is to develop a power failure-proof hardware and software infrastructure for energy harvesting powered embedded systems.