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Oklahoma State University

Graduate Research Assistant Position in Surgical Biophotonics Laboratory

Laboratory:  Surgical Biophotonics Laboratory, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Director:    Daqing (Daching) Piao, PHD, Associate Professor

Position Description:

A graduate research assistant position is expected to become available for starting on Aug, 15, 2016 in the Surgical Biophotonics Laboratory directed by Dr. Daqing Piao.

This position will be involved in an industry-directed project that develops multi- modality sensory instrument for simultaneous quantification of multiple channels of weak laser light, and performs animal studies in the Center for Veterinary Health Sciences of OSU on the transmission of treatment laser light from the skin to the spinal cord.

Position Requirements and Qualifications:

  • Willing to work under the advisory of an interdisciplinary team including a PhD in Biomedical Engineering and 2 DVMs for veterinary laser medicine.
  • Hands-on experiences on projects involving analog circuit design/testing and bread-board prototyping.
  • Have taken courses on optics or laser with a minimal grade of B.
  • Hands-on experience on laser or fiber-optics is not required but is desirable
  • LabVIEW programming experience
  • Excellent oral communication, technical writing, and analytical skills.
  • Machine shop experience is highly desirable

How to Apply?

Interested applicant who has hands-on experiences relevant to the position requirements should send a cover letter detailing your experiences and a resume (including the contact information of three references) to Dr. Daqing Piao via e-mail ONLY at, with the subject line of “Low level light therapy project”.

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