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Oklahoma State University

Graduate Research Assistant Position Opening

A Graduate-level Research Opportunity in the Surgical Biophotonics Laboratory
One position of graduate research assistant is available immediately in the Surgical Biophotonics Laboratory, for supporting a 3-year research project that is a collaboration between the Laboratory of Nanomedicine and Targeted Therapy in the Center for Veterinary Health Sciences of the Department of Physiological Sciences and Surgical Biophotonics Laboratory of ECE. 
What are the overall duties of the position?
Develop a multi-panel magnetic focusing device for targeting magnetic nanoparticle loaded drug in a rodent model
Develop a closed-loop alternating magnetic field device for heating magnetic nanoparticle loaded drug targeted in a rodent model
Which types of works are involved in this project (not an exhausted list) ?
Heavy use of conventional machinery 
Extensive experimental developments involving analog, power, and RF electronics.
Software interface developments for closed-loop control of alternating magnetic field
Supporting laboratory and animal studies in Vet Med 
What are the qualifications expected for delivering the works?
A certificate from DML  (this project requires building large pieces that must be machined)
Genuine and demonstrable interest on getting handy dirty on hardware development
ECE graduate standing, with superior grades on all laboratory courses listed in the complete transcript (both undergraduate and graduate)
Excellent work ethics and excellence in written communications 
Being capable of timely support of laboratory and animal works performed at the other side of the campus.
If you consider yourself to be qualified for this position and are genuinely interested in this position, you are encouraged to send a cover-letter and a resume detailing the experiences relevant to the position to Prof. Daqing Piao at, with a subject line of “AMF project”. You will be followed up, if the position is still available and your application is considered for an interview. Applications should be sent to Dr. Piao only via e-mail. Other forms of inquiry are discouraged.