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Oklahoma State University

ECEN - Microsoft Developer Network Academic Alliance (MSDNAA)

ECE – Microsoft Developer Network Academic Alliance (MSDNAA) – DreamSpark – Software Distribution

ECE makes available to all its students a large downloadable collection of Microsoft development software at no cost to students. This is in addition to software that is available through OSU Software Distribution.

This software includes compilers and development software, operating systems, Microsoft Project and Visio, and many other products – all free.

To be eligible to download and use the products you must be actively pursuing an ECE undergraduate or graduate major and/or currently enrolled in at least one ECEN prefix class, and you must agree to the license agreement that you will find on the MSDNAA (DreamSpark) web site.

In order to access the software library, go to

Users are authorized initially by their CWID, and you must register on the site before you can download any software. From the MSDNAA homepage select “Request and Account” or “Register”, whichever is available. Enter your CWID without the dashes as your account identifier. You will then be asked for an email address and additional information which you will use for future logins.

If you are successful with registration you should receive a confirming email.

The user database is updated with all eligible CWIDs approximately the second week of the fall and spring semesters. If you are unable to register it is possible you are not eligible (not an ECE student or not enrolled in an ECEN prefix class) or your CWID is missing from the database for some reason.

Please note that the College of Engineering, Architecture, and Technology (CEAT), the Department of Computer Science, and the University all have similar MSDNAA/DreamSpark sites which you may access if you are eligible.

Information on accessing these sites can be obtained from the respective site administrator (not ECE).

Enjoy the software!

Keith Teague