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Oklahoma State University

Drs. Sheng and Gong won the Second Place in the 2018 President’s Cup

From Left: Yanmin Gong, Weihua Sheng, Celinda Reese-Melanco, Alex Bishop.

Drs. Sheng and Gong won the Second Place in the Competition of the 2018 President’s Cup for Creative Interdisciplinarity

Drs. Weihua Sheng (Associate Professor,  Team Leader)  and Yanmin Gong (Assistant Professor), along with their collaborators (Dr. Alex Bishop from the Department of Human Development and Family Science, Dr. Celinda Reese-Melancon from the Department of Psychology), won the Second Prize in the competition of the 2018 President’s Cup for Creative Interdisciplinarity.

Titled Well-being Assessment Using a Social Robot for Elder Care, their project focuses on developing and testing a smart companion robot that conducts geriatric well-being assessments designed for old care recipients. This research is motivated by the urgent need of bridging the gap between the growing demand for healthcare among old adults who age alone and the shortage of qualified healthcare professionals across the nation, particularly in states like Oklahoma. This work is conducted by a multidisciplinary team of researchers with rich expertise in robotics and Al, gerontology, psychology as well as security and privacy. The project has resulted in a prototype of a smart companion robot capable of conducting well-being assessment through natural language conversations. The tests with seniors from the local community have produced promising results, which have been published in multiple conference papers. This project also allowed the PIs to reach out to the local senior residents by providing educational seminars on elder care technologies.


The ASCCBot Companion Robot is conducting a well-being assessment with an older adult.