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Oklahoma State University

Dr Carl Latino mentors for the Wentz Research Scholars program

Undergraduate researcher, Jake Coppick and Dr. Carl Latino

Please join ECE in congratulating Dr Carl Latino and undergraduate researcher Jake Coppick for Dr. Carl Latino's exemplary mentorship of Jake in this semester's Wentz Research Scholars program. Without Dr. Latino's guidance, Jake would not have had the opportunity to engage in the dynamic and deeply meaningful research that will likely form the foundation of a superb academic career at OSU and beyond.

Jake Coppick displaying his research

The Wentz Research Scholars program is nationally well-known as one of the best undergraduate research programs; this success is due to the tireless efforts of mentors like Dr. Latino. Please join us in thanking Dr. Latino and encouraging other researchers in our department to experience the many joys of mentoring undergraduates as they follow their curiosity into research collaborations with the fantastic faculty at OSU.